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Shipping & Returns

Your order must be paid for 4-6 days in the order and supply items and confirm the delivery. Complete free information control. All prepaid orders delivered Free delivery service delivery. However, the COD fees will apply to the customer's choice to pay for delivery. In addition, international shipping must apply when orders are sent to international destinations.

Return exchange and reward
Our main goal at is to provide our customers with the highest level of demand. We offer two days a single policy policy, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase or the scope of the problem, most of the products you can buy directly from exchange. And we've got a different product, you have to assign a portion in two days should be by email or phone, using the same attention.

In the case of you the promise is incorrect, or you do not like the product, we have the expected size or exchange the same product, to provide its use in the stock exchange. In this case, the client will be able to deliver the goods to our address, it is recommended to report to us when exchanging data via email. is not responsible for the distribution of the same circle.

However, let's maintain the highest quality standards of, if manufacturing is a defect or discrepancy with the rules, we will return to your bank account. Similarly, passing an e-mail in two days should be the same cliché. If the notice applies only to refund, it will be transmitted in two days.

Please note that you must also ensure that the goods are returned in all cases, with the original package (barcode, tag etc.) remaining. Can not be changed or polluted.

We want to assure our customers when you buy, your complete satisfaction is our main business risk. We want you every time when you buy from us the best products and services you are happy to.